Find the cost of exterminators in VIC

Average cost of extermination services in VIC's recently released pricing report revealed unfortunate news for anyone who needs to get rid of pests in their Vic property; the average cost of a pest control job in the state skyrocketed this year.

From only $40/hr in FY14, the average rate of exterminators in Vic is now at $150/hr — a whopping 275% surge in the span of one year.

Prices of pest control services across Australia

The cost of pest control services across different states in Australia remained largely unstable. While Vic and NSW experienced remarkably higher rates, pricing data in Qld showed the exact opposite. Due to the recent price inflation for pest control in Vic, it's not at all surprising to know that the exterminators in the state now offer the steepest prices for their services. On the other hand, price cuts from Qld exterminators resulted in the state being the most affordable place to get pest control services.

Compare quotes from expert exterminators

With prices this steep, you want to make sure that you hire nothing but a high-quality business. Post a job on the site to get quotes from a variety of businesses. In addition, you can check out the list of our top exterminators in Vic.

Published: October 30, 2015 11:58AM
Updated: August 2, 2017