Find the cost of handymen in VIC

Average cost of handyman services in VIC

Based on the latest data compiled by, the average price of handyman services in Vic remained unchanged from FY14 to FY15. This means that a typical home handiwork job costs about $45/hr on the average. If you're looking for a more affordable service, you can still find a budget handyman who charges around $40/hr in fees. Premium rates, on the other hand, stand at $50/hr.

Prices of handyman services across Australia

A good majority of Australian handymen kept their prices the same as last year's. In fact, six of eight states and territories didn't show an increase or decrease in their average home handiwork rates. Only ACT recorded a price drop. On the contrary, Tas handymen raised their prices by a massive 43% on the average.

Compare quotes from expert handymen

For simple tasks around the house such as hanging a mirror on your living room wall or repairing a broken window, you can hire a handyman to do it for you. You can post the details of the job that needs to be done here. Typically, you'll start receiving quotes within an hour after posting a job. You can receive an average of five quotes up to a maximum of 12 quotes.

Published: October 21, 2015 02:44PM
Updated: August 1, 2017