Find the cost of roofers in VIC

Average cost of roofing services in VIC

Want to get a new roof for your property? It's the perfect time to have your roof replaced as the average roof installation price in Vic saw a 23% decrease over the last financial year.

From $65/m2 in FY14, the cost of an average roof installation job has dropped to $50/m2 in FY15. The price of a budget roofing job saw an even bigger reduction of 25%; budget roofers now charge just around $37.50/m2. Lastly, premium rates also dipped by 7%, so a premium roofing installation job now costs only $65/m2.

Cost of roofing installation services across Australia

In general, the average price of roof installation services in Australia exhibited a downtrend. Only the average rates in ACT and Qld remained unchanged while the rest of the states experienced much lower prices this year. On average, SA roofers charge the lowest prices, and ACT roofing contractors charge the highest rates.

Compare quotes from expert roofers

Finding the best roofer to take on your job means that you have to compare quotes from several businesses. To get as many as 12 estimates, you can post your job on

Published: October 30, 2015 02:24PM
Updated: August 2, 2017