Find the cost of vacate cleaners in VIC

Average cost of vacate cleaning services in VIC

No idea how much it would cost you to hire vacate cleaning services in Vic? According to's latest data, the average cost of vacate cleaning in the state remained at $45/hr.

If that doesn't fit your budget, you can go for budget vacate cleaning services instead. From $40/hr in the year prior, budget rates of vacate cleaners went down to $35/hr — a 13% price drop.

Cost of vacate cleaning services across Australia

WA, SA, Qld, and ACT recorded no movement in the average prices of vacate cleaning services. Meanwhile, NSW had a 20% price drop this financial year. NT, on the other hand, saw the average rate of vacate cleaning services shoot up by 86%. Because of this huge price jump, the average cost of vacate cleaning services in the territory is the most expensive across Australia.

Compare quotes from professional vacate cleaners

You can get as many as 12 quotes from different vacate cleaning businesses in Vic. You only need to post your job here so that they can send their quick estimates. You can expect to hear from them within hours after your job is posted.

Published: November 11, 2015 03:59PM
Updated: August 2, 2017