Find the cost of Colorbond fencing experts in WA

Average cost of Colorbond fencing services in WA

Planning to fence off your property using a Colorbond fence? Professional Colorbond fencing contractors in WA kept their average rates as is over the past financial year, pricing data reveals.

WA fencing contractors still charge their customers an average of $70/m2 for a standard Colorbond or steel fencing job. Meanwhile, an 8% increase was seen in the cost of budget Colorbond fencing services in the state, so the budget rate is now around $68/m2. On the other hand, the premium rate dipped 11% to just about $80/m2.

Cost of Colorbond fencing services across Australia

The pricing trends for Colorbond fencing services has been uniformly distributed across six Australian states and territories. ACT and Qld had higher average prices, WA and NSW observed stable rates, and Vic and SA enjoyed lower costs.

Compare quotes from Colorbond fencing contractors

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Published: November 04, 2015 06:15PM
Updated: January 8, 2018