Find the cost of draftsmen in WA

Average cost of drafting services in WA

The cost of hiring a professional draftsman in WA escalated by a whopping 42% over the last financial year. Pricing figures from showed that draftsmen in WA now charge $99/hr on average from just $70/hr on average last year.

If the median rate of $99/hr is too steep for you, you can opt to hire a budget draftsman instead. Budget drawing and drafting services only increased by 1%, so a budget drafting service only costs around $50.50/hr.

Cost of drafting services across Australia

Although the cost of drafting services in the country generally exhibited an upward trend, the massive cost inflation in WA is still a lot higher than the price increase in other states. Because of this, WA is now the most expensive state to hire professional drawing and drafting services. In contrast, a big price reduction for drafting services in SA means that the state is now the most affordable place to hire a draftsman.

Get quotes from a professional draftsman

Comparing quotes from several drafting businesses can help you get your money's worth. You can post a job on the site to receive as many as 12 quotes in a matter of hours.

Published: November 10, 2015 04:19PM
Updated: August 2, 2017