Find the cost of floorers in WA

Average cost of flooring services in WA

Planning to have new floors installed? According to the latest report from, the flooring industry professionals in WA increased their average prices by about 13% for FY15.

From $40/m2 in FY14, the average cost of a standard flooring installation service is now $45/m2. This $5/m2 increase can prove very substantial, especially if you have a large flooring job.

Cost of flooring services across Australia

Unfortunately for WA residents, this pricing increase means that they're now paying the second highest fees for a flooring job. Only Tas floorers charge higher average prices. In contrast, the most affordable flooring services can be found in Vic where the average flooring price decreased by 4%. Besides Vic, only SA and Qld experienced an increase in average flooring costs this year compared to the previous year.

Compare quotes from expert floorers

An easy way to compare quotes is by posting a flooring job here. Flooring jobs typically get an average of five quotes. The most number of quotes that you can receive is 12. You can expect to receive quotes within an hour after posting a job.

Published: October 20, 2015 04:40PM
Updated: August 1, 2017