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Average cost of roofing services in WA

According to’s latest pricing data, the average cost of a roofing job in WA is marginally less this year compared to last year. The data revealed a drop in the average price of regular roofing services in the state. For roof installation work, roofers in WA now charge an average of $50/m2. That’s 9% lower than last year’s standard rate which was about $55/m2 on average.

The budget rate of roof installation services also decreased slightly; a budget roofing job now costs $46/m2 from $50/m2 the previous year. In contrast, the premium rate exhibited a 6% increase and is now at around $85/m2.

Roof installation prices across Australia

Despite the reduction in the average roofing price in WA, the state is still among those that charge the second highest rates for roofing work. Only roofers from ACT charge higher fees than the roofing contractors from WA, Vic, and Qld.

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Published: October 30, 2015 06:07PM
Updated: August 2, 2017