Find the cost of fencers in WA

Average cost of fencing services in WA

Recent data from shows that the average cost of a fence installation job in FY15 WA costs as much as it did in the year prior. This means that WA residents can still expect to see average rates of $70/m2 for a standard fencing project.

Budget rates and premium rates, on the other hand, exhibited opposing trends in pricing. A budget fencing job now costs around $68/m2 which amounts to an increase of 8% from last year's budget rate. Meanwhile, premium fencing businesses charge roughly 11% less this year; a premium fencing job now costs $80/m2.

Prices of fencing services across Australia

Considering the increase of average fencing prices in four major locations, WA residents can already be considered lucky that the average price of a fence installation job in the state remained as is. The highest average prices can be found in ACT while Tas residents enjoy the lowest fencing fees.

Compare quotes from fencing contractors

Posting a job on allows you to receive up to 12 quotes from several fencing businesses. Most jobs get around five expressions of interest though. You can also find a list of the top fencers in WA here.

Published: October 22, 2015 06:10PM
Updated: August 1, 2017