Find the cost of lawn mowing experts in WA

Average cost of lawn mowing services in WA

WA saw no movement in the three pricing categories for lawn mowing services this financial year. According to's latest pricing data, average lawn mowing rates are still at $40/hr. Meanwhile, budget and premium prices are at $35/hr and $45/hr respectively.

Prices of lawn mowing services across Australia

WA is the only state in Australia that recorded no change in the average rate of lawn mowing experts. The rest of the states, including ACT, saw an upward trend in the average cost of lawn mowing services. Tas made the biggest increase at 23%, but the island state still has the lowest average price. There's not much difference between the lowest and the highest average lawn mowing prices, though. Average lawn mowing rates in Australia range from $40/hr to $50/hr.

Compare quotes from lawn mowing experts

If you are in WA, now is a good time to hire a lawn mowing expert to help keep your grass trimmed and to handle the overall maintenance of your lawn. You can also check the site's top lawn mowing services in WA to find the right business for your job. Usually, lawn mowing jobs receive an average of five quotes, but the maximum number of quotes that you can get is 12.

Published: November 11, 2015 06:07PM
Updated: August 2, 2017