Find the cost of pool fencing installers in WA

Average cost of pool fencing services in WA

Good news for WA property owners: The average cost of pool fencing in the state dropped 40% this financial year.'s recent pricing data showed that the average rate of pool fencers in WA dropped from $142.50/m2 to $85/m2 — that's a huge $57.50 difference.

Budget and premium prices of pool fencing jobs also went down. This year, you can go for budget services at around $77.50/m2 — a 25% decline from last year's price. Meanwhile, premium rates dipped by 42%, and they're now at $90/m2.

Prices of pool fencing services across Australia

Qld had a huge price drop this financial year too. With a 41% decrease in average pool fencing costs, the state now has the same average price as WA. NSW, on the other hand, recorded a 21% increase. Vic and SA retained their prices from FY14.

Compare quotes from professional pool fencing installers

A quick way of getting quotes from the top pool fencing businesses in WA is by posting your job here. You can receive an average of five quotes for every job, and you can expect businesses to contact you within hours after a job is posted.

Published: November 05, 2015 04:40PM
Updated: August 2, 2017