Find the cost of architectural draftsmen in WA

Average cost of architectural drafting services in WA

Hiring a professional architectural draftsman in WA now costs 41% higher than it did last year. According to recent pricing data from, the average cost of drawing and drafting services in the state jumped to $99/hr this year from just $70/hr in the year prior. On top of that, the budget rate saw a marginal increase of 1% as well. A budget drafting job now costs approximately $50.50/hr.

Cost of architectural drafting services across Australia

Apart from WA, the average cost of drawing and drafting services also rose in three other states namely Qld, Vic, and NSW. Meanwhile, prices for this service dropped by a sizeable percentage in SA and stayed the same in ACT. Due to the recent pricing changes, architectural draftsmen from WA now charge higher fees compared to the draftsmen from other states. SA draftsmen, on the other hand, offer the most affordable services.

Compare quotes from professional architectural draftsmen

If you want to find the best architectural draftsman for your job, it's advisable to post your job on the site. Posting the details of your job on allows you to get as many as a dozen quotes from interested businesses.

Published: November 13, 2015 04:39PM
Updated: August 2, 2017