Find the cost of timber floorers in WA

Average cost of timber flooring services in WA

Excited for new timber flooring in your property in WA? This is definitely a good time to push through with your flooring project. According to's report, average timber flooring costs in WA dipped by 13% over the past financial year. From $38/m2 in FY14, they're now at $33/m2.

Premium rates of timber flooring experts decreased as well. Due to a 5% reduction, premium prices are now down to $39/m2.

Cost of timber flooring services across Australia

ACT also recorded a 13% price drop in FY15, but the territory still has the highest average rate for timber flooring experts. The average prices of timber flooring services across Australia, however, are not too far apart from each other. The lowest average rate is from NSW and Vic, which is $25/m2.

Compare quotes from timber flooring experts

The site has a list of the best timber flooring services in WA. You might want to check this out to find a qualified business for your job. You can also post the details of your job here and compare up to 12 quotes.

Published: November 11, 2015 04:29PM
Updated: August 2, 2017