Find the cost of air conditioning technicians in WA

Average cost of air conditioning services in WA

From $85/hr in FY14, the average price of an air conditioning installation and repair service in WA is now at $90/hr. This 6% increase caused the state to have the highest average price for this particular industry.

If you're looking for a more affordable solution, you have the option of hiring a budget air conditioning installation and repair business. Budget AC contractors lowered their prices to about $75/hr which is 12% lower than last year's budget rate.

Cost of air conditioning services across Australia

Due to the recent pricing increase in the air conditioning installation and repair industry in WA, the state's air conditioning technicians now charge the highest rates among the states and territories in Australia. In contrast, NSW saw the average rate of AC services in their state decrease by 21% which means that they retain their spot as the state that offers the most affordable air conditioner installation and repair services.

Compare quotes from air conditioning technicians

To get started on your AC installation or repair job, you can check out our list of the top air conditioning technicians in the state. You can also post your job on the site to get as many as 12 quotes.

Published: October 23, 2015 12:32PM
Updated: August 1, 2017