Find the cost of bathroom renovators in WA

Average cost of bathroom renovation services in WA's recent pricing data revealed unfortunate news for WA residents who are looking to renovate; the average rate for bathroom renovations in the state increased by 10%.

From only $80/hr in FY14, the average cost of a bathroom renovation project in WA is now at $88/hr. Budget bathroom renovators also increased their fees by 21%, so the budget rate, currently $80/hr, is not much less than the average one. Premium rates remained unchanged at $90/hr.

Cost of bathroom renovation services across Australia

WA is one of three places in Australia to see higher rates for bathroom reno this year. The average cost of bathroom renovations in SA and ACT also rose and by a much bigger percentage than WA. ACT builders now charge the highest rates for bathroom renovations while Tas renovators offer the lowest prices.

Compare quotes from bathroom renovators

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Published: November 06, 2015 11:19AM
Updated: August 2, 2017