Find the cost of electricians in WA

Average cost of electrical services in WA's recent data shows that the average price of hiring an electrician in WA is still at $87.50/hr - the same rate as last year.

Furthermore, the budget prices of electrical services in WA dipped to $70/hr this year. This is a 7% price drop from last year's $75/hr. Premium rates, however, remain at $95/hr.

Cost of electrical services across Australia

The average rate of electricians went up in four states. Tas had the biggest increase at 9%, followed by Vic, Qld, and SA with an 8%, 7%, and 6% increase respectively. NSW and ACT, like WA, saw no movement in the average prices of their electricians.

Compare quotes from professional electricians

Customers who post their jobs on the site often receive quotes within an hour. They can get a maximum of 12 estimates from businesses, although they typically receive five on the average. Comparing prices definitely helps them choose the best offer.

Published: October 22, 2015 05:34PM
Updated: August 1, 2017