Find the cost of Colorbond fencing experts in QLD

Average cost of Colorbond fencing services in QLD

Thinking of getting a new Colorbond fence installed? You might be interested to know that the average cost of Colorbond or steel fencing installation in Qld increased by 3% over the last financial year.

From only $68/m2 in FY14, the average rate for Colorbond fencing is now at $70/m2. Although this doesn't seem like much, this marginal increase can still have a big impact on your project, especially if you're fencing a large property.

Cost of Colorbond fencing across Australia

The small price increase for Colorbond fencing in Qld is enough to make the state the second most expensive in terms of average Colorbond fencing rates. At the other end of the spectrum, SA fencers charge the lowest prices on average for a Colorbond fencing job. This is after they reduced their prices by an average of 46%.

Compare quotes from Colorbond fencing installers

If you want to get the best value for your money, you need to compare quotes from several businesses. You can get as many as 12 quotes by posting the details of your job in Quotes can arrive in a matter of hours, and most jobs get about five estimates.

Published: November 04, 2015 06:09PM
Updated: January 8, 2018