Find the cost of rat control experts in QLD

Average cost of rat control services in QLD

Qld recorded a 49% decrease in the average price of rat control services in FY15, so this is definitely a good time for the state's residents to take advantage of the price drop.

Based on's latest data, the average cost of rat control services in Qld went down from $99/hr to $50/hr. Additionally, premium rates of rat control experts dipped by 60%. Premium prices are now down to $66/hr — a huge leap from last year's $165/hr.

Cost of rat control services across Australia

While Qld residents are enjoying lower average rates for rat control services, NSW and Vic residents need to be wiser in spending for the same service as these two states recorded significant changes in pricing. NSW had a 50% rise in the average cost of rat control services, while Vic saw a staggering 275% increase.

Compare quotes from rat control experts

If you're unsure about which business to hire, you can view the site's list of the best rat control services in Qld. This gives you ample information to pick the right business. You can also post your job here so that you can compare up to 12 quotes.

Published: November 13, 2015 04:48PM
Updated: August 2, 2017