Find the cost of bricklayers in QLD

Average cost of bricklaying services in QLD

Now seems like a good time to invest in bricklaying in Qld as the average cost of hiring a bricklayer in the state has decreased.’s pricing data reveals a 4% reduction in the average cost of hiring a bricklaying expert in Qld. The average price has decreased to $125/m2.

Despite this drop in average prices, the budget rate of several bricklaying businesses in the state has increased by about 50% in the last year which means that budget bricklaying now costs $75/m2. On the other end of the spectrum, premium bricklayers have increased their prices per square metre from approximately $165/m2 to $180/m2.

Bricklaying prices across Australia

According to the figures, Qld continues to be the most expensive state for bricklaying jobs across Australia, by a considerable amount. The second most expensive state, NSW, has an average cost of approximately $55/m2 — less than half of the same cost in Qld.

Get bricklaying quotes from interested businesses

Do you want to compare quotes for your bricklaying job? has made the process easy for you. Just post the job details on the site to start receiving up to 12 estimates. The site also has a list of the top bricklaying services in Qld which you can view.

Published: October 23, 2015 05:04PM
Updated: August 1, 2017