Find the cost of bathroom renovators in QLD

Average cost of bathroom renovation services in QLD

Property owners in Qld who have a bathroom renovation job can look forward to lower average prices in FY15 as compared to FY14, recent pricing data shows.

According to figures recorded by, there was a 6% decline in the average cost of hiring bathroom renovators this financial year. This means that they're now charging their customers an average of $66/hr — a $4 difference from last year's $70/hr.

A slight decrease was also seen in the premium prices of bathroom renovation services. Because of a 4% drop, premium rates are now down to $77/hr from the previous year's $80/hr. Meanwhile, budget rates of bathroom renovators remain at $50/hr.

Prices of bathroom renovation services across Australia

Other states that saw price reductions are Tas, Vic, and NSW. These states also have the lowest average bathroom renovation costs across Australia, and their average prices range from $37/hr to $55/hr. Meanwhile, SA, WA, and ACT recorded higher prices this financial year. They also have the highest average rates for bathroom renovators, ranging from $80/hr to $100/hr.

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Published: November 09, 2015 04:24PM
Updated: August 2, 2017