Find the cost of floorers in QLD

Average cost of flooring services in QLD

Checking the current prices before hiring a floorer to install, repair, or replace your home or office floors is a smart thing to do as it will help you prepare for the expenses. According to the recent data of, the average cost of hiring a floorer in Qld rose by 4%. From $35.68/hr in Q4, FY14, the rate of flooring services for Q4, FY15 is now at $37.11/hr.

Flooring prices across Australia

This $1.43 increase in flooring cost, however, is not something to worry about. Flooring still remains the most affordable trade in Qld. Additionally, Qld flooring prices are the second lowest next to Vic, which experienced a 13% decrease in their average flooring rates. Meanwhile, WA still has the most expensive flooring services despite a 19% price drop.

Compare flooring quotes

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Published: October 13, 2015 04:46PM
Updated: August 1, 2017