Find the cost of handymen in QLD

Average cost of handyman services in QLD

Looking to hire a professional handyman to work on some repairs in your home? The average price of home handiwork in Qld has been at a standstill from FY14 to FY15.

From the recent data compiled by, the average cost of handyman jobs in NSW is still $50/hr. The budget and premium rates for handyman services also remained unchanged. They are currently at $40/hr and $55/hr respectively.

Cost of handyman services across Australia

In general, getting handyman services in Australia will set you back between $45 and $50 on the average. Similar to prices in Qld, the price of home handiwork in most of the other states and territories also stayed as is. Only ACT and Tas had different rates this year; the average prices in Tas increased while handyman costs in ACT dipped.

Compare quotes from professional handymen

If you have little tasks around the house such as minor painting and repairs, you can post the details of the job here. You can start receiving quotes almost as soon as the job gets posted. A handyman job normally gets about five quotes, but the maximum number of quotes that you can receive is 12.

Published: October 16, 2015 06:47PM
Updated: August 1, 2017