Find the cost of hard rubbish collectors in QLD

Average cost of hard rubbish collection services in QLD

Qld residents who are looking to dispose of some old household items will be pleased to know that the average cost of a household waste removal job in the state dropped by 17% within the span of one year.

Based on’s recent pricing reports, a standard household rubbish removal job now costs $50/hr on the average. Meanwhile, the rates for budget and premium rubbish removal services in Qld saw a 6% and 29% increase respectively. The budget rate is now roughly $45/hr while the premium rate is around $90/hr.

Cost of hard rubbish collection services across Australia

Aside from Qld, WA is the only other state to enjoy lower average household removal rates this year. On the other hand, ACT, NSW, Vic, and SA all saw higher average prices for household waste removal for FY15.

Compare quotes from hard rubbish collectors

If you need to hire a rubbish removalist, you can post the details of the job here. You can start receiving quotes within an hour after the job has been posted. The maximum number of quotes that you can expect is 12, but most rubbish removal jobs receive an average of five quotes.

Published: November 05, 2015 06:03PM
Updated: August 2, 2017