Find the cost of tilers in QLD

Average cost of tiling services in QLD

Tiling contractors in Qld raised their prices by an average of 14%, according to recent data from

General tiling services in Qld recorded a $5/m2 increase over the course of a year. The average price of tiling services in the state is now $40/m2 from only $35/m2 in FY14. Premium rates also rose from $40/m2 in FY14 to $45/m2 in FY15.

Cost of tiling services across Australia

Despite the 14% increase in the average cost of general tiling services in Qld, the state's tilers are still among those who charge the lowest fees along with tilers from NSW and WA. On the other hand, tiling contractors in Vic now charge the highest prices for their services.

Compare quotes from expert tilers

If you are looking for a professional tiler, you can post a job here. Typically, you can start receiving quotes within an hour. You can get as many as 12 quotes. However, most tiling and paving jobs get an average of five quotes.

Published: October 19, 2015 01:18PM
Updated: August 1, 2017