Find the cost of pool fencing installers in QLD

Average cost of pool fencing services in QLD

Qld residents should definitely take advantage of the current prices of pool fencing services. According to's pricing data, the average cost of pool fencing in the state dipped by 41% in FY15. From $143.50/m2, Qld residents can now expect to pay an average of $85/m2 for pool fencers' services. Premium prices of pool fencing services, however, remained at $155/m2.

Prices of pool fencing services across Australia

Qld is not the only state that saw a price reduction. WA also recorded a huge price drop at 40%. NSW, on the other hand, need to prepare for higher pool fencing costs as the average rate of pool fencers went up by 21%. Meanwhile, SA and Vic retained their average prices from FY14.

Compare quotes from professional pool fencing installers

When you post a job the site, you can expect as many as 12 businesses to send their quotes. That's a pretty good number as it would allow you to have sufficient options to find the best deal. You can check the site's list of top pool fencing services in Qld too.

Published: November 05, 2015 04:24PM
Updated: August 2, 2017