Find the cost of local electricians in QLD

Average cost of local electrical services in QLD

Need help with a rewiring project or a lighting installation job? You best prepare your pockets; hiring local electricians in Qld costs more this year compared to last year.

Based on's records, the average cost of an electrical job in Qld increased 7% to $75/hr over the past year. This means that you can expect to pay $5/hr more this year compared to the year prior. For major electrical projects, this seemingly marginal increase can definitely add up to a hefty sum. Budget rates also rose 2% to $66/hr while premium rates stayed at $80/hr.

Cost of local electrical services across Australia

Electrical work generally costs much higher this year across several states in Australia. In fact, not one state exhibited lower average rates. Along with the local electricians in Qld, sparkies in Tas, SA, and Vic also charge higher fees on average for FY15. WA, ACT, and NSW electricians, on the other hand, kept their prices stable over the past year.

Compare quotes from local electricians

By hiring professional electricians, you’re guaranteed to get a safe service. If you’re looking to hire a sparkie, you can post your job on the site. Customers receive no greater than 12 quotes from businesses. You might also want to look at’s list of top local electricians in Qld.

Published: November 05, 2015 05:17PM
Updated: August 2, 2017