Find the cost of termite treatment experts in QLD

Average cost of termite treatment services in QLD

Treating a termite infestation in Qld is now a lot more affordable, according to the latest pricing information gathered by From $99/hr in FY14, the average cost of exterminations in the state plunged to $50/hr — an enormous 49% price reduction.

The cost of premium pest control services also decreased dramatically over the past year. A 60% reduction meant that the premium rate dropped to $66/hr from $165/hr in the previous year.

Cost of termite treatment services across Australia

With the prices for pest control services in Qld taking a nosedive, the state's exterminators went from offering the most expensive services in FY14 to being the most affordable this year. In contrast, extermination services in NSW and Vic became a lot costlier this year. Vic's exterminators raised their rates by 275% on average making them the most expensive to hire across the country.

Compare quotes from termite treatment experts

Posting a job on allows you to receive up to 12 quotes from professional termite treatment experts. Most jobs get around five quotes within a few hours of being posted on the site.

Published: November 13, 2015 03:45PM
Updated: August 2, 2017