Find the cost of accountants in QLD

Average cost of accounting services in QLD

Based on the latest data compiled by, accounting services in Qld saw a general downward trend in pricing this year.

Prices of various accounting services

Of three popular accounting services, personal tax returns, business accounting, and bookkeeping, only bookkeeping had the same average price of $45/hr and premium price of $55/hr for FY14 and FY15.

It comes as great news for anyone in need of tax return and business accounting services in Qld that the average price for both these accounting services decreased. A 27% reduction in price means that the average cost for personal tax returns and advice is now only $88/hr, although premium rates can reach up to $150/hr.

On the other hand, business accountants now charge around $66.17/hr for their services — a 12% price cut. Premium business accounting services can cost as much as $110/hr.

Compare quotes from professional accountants

You can check the top accounting businesses here. If you want to receive quotes from them, simply post the details of your job. The average number of quotes that you can get is five, but it’s possible to receive as many as 12 quotes.

Published: October 19, 2015 05:19PM
Updated: August 1, 2017