Find the cost of tax return accountants in QLD

Average cost of tax return services in QLD

The average cost of personal tax returns and advice in Qld saw a sizeable 27% price reduction over the last financial year. From $120/hr in FY14, the median rate is now only $88/hr.

According to the data gathered by, a good majority of Australia's tax accountants dropped their fees over the year — Qld tax accountants among them. Even budget accountants reduced their rates to $65/hr this year from last year's $79/hr. Meanwhile, premium rates rose 7% to $150/hr.

Cost of tax return services across Australia

The cost of getting help with personal tax returns saw a downtrend across the country. The average tax return rates dropped across five states and one territory and stayed stagnant in one state. Currently, the most expensive personal tax return services are provided by accountants from WA. The most affordable services, on the other hand, come from Tas accountants.

Compare quotes from tax return experts

Need help with tax returns? You can post a job on the site to get quotes from several qualified tax accountants. Quotes usually arrive within a few hours of posting a job, and most jobs get around five expressions of interest.

Published: November 12, 2015 12:49PM
Updated: August 2, 2017