Find the cost of air conditioning technicians in QLD

Average cost of air conditioning services in QLD

Having problems with your air conditioning system? Qld residents who need their air conditioners serviced are lucky to see a sizeable reduction in the average cost of air conditioning installation and repair services.

A 13% reduction in median AC installation and repair rates means that the average price of these services is now at $70/hr — $10/hr less than it was in the previous year. Premium rates also saw a 6% reduction, so you can avail of premium AC servicing for roughly $80/hr. On the other hand, budget prices rose by a very slight margin and are now at $67/hr.

Cost of air conditioning services across Australia

Compared to the other states and territories in Australia, the average price of AC installation and repair services in Qld is relatively low. In fact, only Vic and NSW air conditioning technicians charge lower average fees. Getting an AC repaired or installed in WA costs the most after average prices in the state increased by 6%.

Compare quotes from air conditioning technicians

By posting your job on, you can get in touch with several electricians who can help you fix or install your air conditioning units. A typical job gets five quotes on the average.

Published: October 23, 2015 11:59AM
Updated: August 1, 2017