Find the cost of bond cleaners in QLD

Average cost of bond cleaning services in QLD

Qld recorded no movement in the average cost of hiring bond cleaners over the past financial year.'s pricing data revealed that the average price of bond cleaning services is still perched at $35/hr.

Meanwhile, budget rates of bond cleaners dipped by 14% and premium prices rose by 14%. Budget bond cleaning services in Qld now cost $30/hr, while premium rates are at $40/hr.

Cost of bond cleaning services across Australia

ACT, SA, and WA retained the average prices of bond cleaning services from FY14 as well. NT, however, saw a staggering 86% increase, which made their services the most expensive across Australia. Only NSW recorded a price drop, so the state's residents are now enjoying average prices that are 20% lower than last year's rates.

Compare quotes from professional bond cleaners

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Published: November 11, 2015 03:48PM
Updated: August 2, 2017